Good to Go Summit Will Celebrate Theatre Companies Working to Obtain Equal Gender Opportunity

The Good to Go Summit, which will take place Nov. 18 at 5 PM at Theater Center in New York City, will celebrate theatre companies who work to obtain equal gender opportunity and will discuss ways to further advance the “quest for gender parity.”

The event will include one keynote speech and two panels.

The keynote speech will feature “a presentation from the team that brought you the Women’s Voices Theater Festival in D.C. Hear how it started, what it took to implement and how more than 50 of the Washington. D.C. region’s professional theatres joined together to produce this groundbreaking material,” according to a press statement.

Attendees will be able to meet some of the producers, artistic directors and managing directors behind the festival and learn how they can replicate the event in their own cities.

The first panel will include “short reports from the organizations that are walking the walk to obtain gender parity throughout the US.”

The second panel will include a “next step discussion from a panel of artistic directors, commercial producers, non-profit organizations, corporate producers, playwrights, directors and agents with viable and practical ideas for obtaining equal gender opportunity in the theatre.”

The summit will also include a celebration and networking reception.

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